Parker & Bletchley was founded in 2016 by husband and wife, Dustin and Jennifer Sites, a dynamic nerdy duo on a mission to make the Hudson Valley rival Silicon Valley in technology, innovation, and talent. Our skills include software engineering, web design, Internet marketing, cyber security, and full-stack IT solutions for home and business.

Quality is extremely important to us, so no matter the size of your project you will always receive the best quality service in the industry. We are always excited about embarking on new projects and meeting new friends!

Dustin and Jenn

Our Team

Dustin and Jenn

Full-stack Software Engineer / Hacker / 10xer / Rick Sanchez of Rick & Morty is his spirit animal

At the ripe old age of 9-years-old, Dustin read his first computer programming book on Basic. It was love at first byte (ha!). He abruptly ended his other career pursuit of choice—meteorology—in favor of coding and never looked back. He taught himself how to program and wrote his first program in Basic when he was still just 9-years-old. He quickly progressed to other languages and platforms and hardware technology. Since his first computing language over 20 years ago, he has mastered several other languages, including: Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, and C#, as well as notable experience with others, such as: Python, C++, C, Perl, and Delphi. His geekiness doesn't end there, though! He's also proficient in HTML/HTML5, CSS, SCSS, concurrent/parallel programming, MySQL, reverse engineering and network analysis, cyber security, systems programming, NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB), hardware installation and diagnostics, and has a background in multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android).

When he's not programming, he enjoys... oh, who are we kidding? He is always programming!

His future plans are set on research and contributions in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Dustin and Jenn

Internet marketing marvel / IT virtuoso / Louise Belcher of Bob's Burgers is her spirit animal.

Don't be fooled by her demure, youthful voice. She is the life of the party and the bee's knees. With over 15 years of web development and Internet marketing experience, she wears the crown for flexibility of skills and talents. Her areas of expertise are: social media and email marketing, SEO, WordPress and blog configuration/management, HTML/CSS and web design, photography, Photoshop creatives and editing, content writing, voice over acting, project management, and app design.

Her interests are as eclectic as her roles in the company: cooking and foodie frolicking, video games, go karts, science and technology—especially biology and the human genome, and of course, comedy.

Her future plans are learning Python and Java to catch up to Dustin in the coding arena and learning how to skateboard and Parkour. Dustin and she also plans to collaborate on projects that will advance and bring innovation to the health and medical industry.

Dustin and Jenn

Caesar Cypher
CSC (Chief Security Chiweenie) of Parker & Bletchley.

He masterfully guards the office, alerting us when an intruder is about to breach our network—or front door. He's always down for a belly rub. Literally, he just lays down anywhere, anytime willing to accept rubs.

His interests include licking, snuggling, hamburgers, everything on the ground outdoors, cat food, the stuffing inside squeeky toys, and king size memory foam beds.

Dustin and Jenn

Our resident "Rubber Duck Debugging" agent.

He's a wild and crazy party animal, so this job works perfectly for him and his almost daily hangovers as he gets to basically just sit there and collect a paycheck for pretending to listen.

His interests include: vodka, Las Vegas, watching the Bachelor, gossiping, and he loves to keep up with the Kardashians. You can find him on Tindr swiping right 23 out of 24 hours a day. He keeps requesting that Dustin code a bot for that, but doesn't have the money to pay for it because he can't stay away from the slots in Vegas.

His future plans are to do a juice detox and go on a yoga retreat... again.