Make Your Presence Known

We are fortunate to be living in a time with more marketing tools at our disposal than ever. Parker & Bletchley has the experience and resources to put your brand at the forefront of your targeted audience and reach its full potential. We have many advertising solutions for your brand, business, or organization. Here are some ways we can help you reach out to your audience:

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Search Engine Optimization

Branding and Logo Design

Marketing Automation

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Public Relations and Press Releases

eCommerce Marketing

Opt-in Email and Newsletter Campaigns

Creative Ads and Banners

Content Writing


We personally work with you to devise and implement the best marketing strategy for your business or brand. We will formulate a customized plan that takes your specific industry into consideration so that you aren't wasting resources on the wrong audience. We take many variables into consideration to get the best ROI possible.


We can collaborate with your existing mearketing team or we can manage all of your marketing for you in house. Creative ads, banners, content, text, and slogans for each campaign, as well as name and product branding, all customized to grab your audience's attention. We also offer one-on-one marketing coaching via Skype calls to teach you how to run your social media accounts and more.


See the results of your ROI with statistics and analytics. Make adjustments based on set goals and expectations. Completely customize and adjust your campaigns as you go.